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Where Was 'Catch Me Daddy' Filmed?

Dark British drama ‘Catch Me Daddy’ was released in UK cinemas last week following a much-talked about appearance at last year’s Cannes Film Festival. 

Directed by newcomer and former music-video helmer Daniel Wolfe, this tense and troubled tale looks at the culture clash between traditional Asian culture and modern day Northern British life. 

‘Catch Me Daddy’ follows Laila, a young girl on the run from her family who - angered by her decision to move in with her boyfriend Aaron - hire a gang of thugs to find her and commit an ‘Honour Killing’. The film’s dark side is present from the outset, with the hit squad pursuing the eloping couple across the infamous Yorkshire moors.

The film features London Film Festival award winner Sameena Jabeen Ahmed in the lead role alongside ‘Billy Elliot's Gary Lewis and a host of professional and non-professional actors. The production received funding from Film4, the BFI Film Fund, Screen Yorkshire and Lip Sync and was shot in 35mm by ‘Philomena’ cinematographer Robbie Ryan.

Where did ‘Catch me Daddy Film’?

‘Catch Me Daddy’ was shot on both side of the Pennines, with the focus primarily around the Yorkshire area. Scenes of Yorkshire roads near Todmorden can be seen frequently in the film to build tension around the impending doom faced by the film’s young runaways. 

Notable moors featured in the film include the areas near Rishworth and Wainstalls and Salons in towns such as Todmorden, Droylsden and Accrington were used during scenes of the hit-men searching for Laila and Aaron. The production also made use of some former pubs in the Todmorden area for a sequence involving a close encounter between Laila and her pursuers during a night out. 

Laila and Aaron live in a caravan that features frequently throughout the film. To capture these shots, the production used a caravan park on the outskirts of Bradford to film large parts of the story, including a death sequence. The focus on this isolated caravan site and the surrounding Moors area gives ‘Catch Me Daddy’ the eerie, desolate tone which is integral to its unflinching storyline. 

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