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How to Freelance Successfully: Finance and Networking for Creatives

Being a freelancer and starting your own business can be incredibly hard work, with not only the pressures of bringing steady work in, but ensuring that you are meeting regulations and meeting financial requirements.

The next workshop in ProConnect Manchester’s programme is specially devised to help freelancers and small businesses address these challenges, led by experienced broadcaster David Thomas. The programme is fully funded by ERDF, and workshops are free to attend. 

Split into two halves, the morning session will teach delegates the difference between types of freelance status (PAYE, sole traders, limited companies, partnerships), how tax and NI works for freelancing, how to manage (and log) personal and business expenses, what records to keep, how to save time on paperwork including drawing up simple – and clear – agreements between themselves and clients, how to invoice effectively and getting paid on time (including drawing on the UK’s late payment legislation to ensure cash flow), know what to ask an accountant – and what they can (and can’t) do for you, how to think like a business and where to get financial and business advice.

In the afternoon the focus will be on how to network effectively. The session provides a series of tools and techniques to help freelancers network effectively including how to build professional relationships over time, how to describe their own skills in a more engaging way, how to engage in face to face networking with more self-confidence, how to make best use of digital networking (and how it complements face to face interactions), and how to draw up a networking plan.

The session will involve group exercises and highlight how networking works and why people often get it wrong.

ProConnect is an exciting programme of support for small creative companies working in or aspiring to work in the film and TV industry in Greater Manchester. Comprising a series of workshops, one-to-one meetings and networking opportunities, the programme has been fully funded by ERDF at no cost to participants. ProConnect provides the expertise, support and contacts to break into and succeed in the film and television industry.

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