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Interview with Carolina Giammetta, Creative Director of shortFLIX

Carolina Giammetta, Creative Director for shortFLIX

What is shortFLIX and who is it aimed at?

shortFLIX is an amazing new opportunity for young people aged 18-25 who want to get into filmmaking. It offers training, mentoring, a professional crew and £10k to make a short film to be showcased on Sky Arts. We are targeting young people who aren’t currently in full-time education, employment or training, and who haven’t yet had the opportunity to study or work in film production at a high level. All you need to participate is a great idea and the commitment to bring it to the screen.

What is your own background and how did the initiative come about?

I was an original member of the Nottingham TV workshop that not only gave me the opportunity to work in TV & Film as an actress, but also to get the support to write and make my own work.  Over the last 6 years I have made a number of award winning short films, worked for BBC Comedy and BBC Drama, and I currently have 3 features in development. I have worked with National Youth Theatre of Great Britain to create new theatre pieces with the fearless raw voices of young people from a range of social and diverse backgrounds that lacked opportunity. It was a voice I’d never seen on screen, so I spoke to National Youth Theatre & Creative England about setting up a scheme and shortFLIX was born. 

Why do you think it’s important for the film industry to provide new entry points for young people?

The film world feels so inaccessible to many people, closed off and only for the privileged or educated. This is the same in my world never mind young emerging talent. I think it’s really important that anyone can feel their story can be told no matter how ambitious or 'out there' it is. There needs to be safe place for wannabe filmmakers to go to be nurtured, trained and given opportunity to be a storyteller no matter what their background, gender or race is. I’ve worked with this demographic so much and they have given me some of the best stories, visions and experiences. We need to open the door for them and introduce them to the rest of world. 

What advice would you give young people applying?

Be yourself. Don’t try and be what you think a filmmaker sounds like, acts like and behaves like. Tell us what your story is and tell us in your voice not with words that don’t belong to you. Tell us why you think your story is important to you and what you want it to say to the world. Think about whether it’s a film you would want to see yourself and if so why. Give us lots of reasons to say ‘yes’, to want to meet you, hear your pitch and believe that with the right support you can make this film and make it amazing. 

How can potential applicants find out more?

Visit our web page to check out the full guidelines and register so that you can start the application form (we all know that guidelines and forms are boring, but ignore them at your peril!). You can also join us on Hiive for some useful resources, inspiration and tips. And finally, if you want answers to any nitty gritty questions - from eligibility to budget level to what the programme entails - drop us a line at shortflix@creativeengland.co.uk.

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