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​A Wonderful Testament to iAMDigital Supported Northcoders

Northcoders are a Manchester-based coding bootcamp for people of all backgrounds and walks of life. Their 12-week full-stack software engineering course is purposefully designed to teach all the skills needed for an entry-level software developer. Upon finishing the course, Northcoders provide career support and development to connect students to employers in the north.

Northcoders recently received £100,000 from the iAMDigital programme, a fund from Creative England in partnership with Nominet Trust. The programme aims to invest in new and established SMEs working to close the digital skills gap. To find out more head here.

Below are some case studies from graduates of the Northcoders programme, demonstrating the importance of Northcoders in helping to close the digital skills gap in the North of England.

Amanda - Full Stack Engineer at Deep Sky Blue

Women returners often find it difficult to return to full time work after a prolonged break of several years. The main barrier is confidence – can I still hold my own in the workplace? Do I have the right skills? Is my knowledge up to date?

These were my feelings last October before I started my Northcoders adventure. I knew I wanted to go back to a role in the tech industry. Northcoders changed all that and I am delighted to say that I have just been offered a Software Engineer role with a technology company specialising in defence, security, intelligence and cyber.

The three-month course was a massive challenge – not just on the brain but also logistically. The long hours and additional ‘homework’ were really demanding. One of the tutors, Chris, was massively supportive and helped me work out a few tweaks to the daily routine to help fit it in with running a home.

Tague - C# Software Engineer

I, like many of my generation, went to university for a laugh and because it was the ‘thing to do’. I left with a handful of peanuts (a Sociology degree), a huge debt and no real career direction. Then I disappeared into travel and decided I would sort this ‘when I got back’.

I got back. I still had no idea. I toyed with ideas of moving to a new city, master degrees, college courses, of course the inevitable - moving to London, master degrees in London, college courses in London, moving abroad… And then I stumbled on Northcoders. I had already been playing around with HTML and CSS, and a developer friend tipped me off that JavaScript was the ‘big thing’ at the moment, so I decided to take a leap of faith. The gamble paid off big time! The course was thorough, in depth and moved at a pace that kept me on the edge of my seat. I learnt so much and the teaching was so clear that I still go back to the notes I made- months after I left! And now I have a great job as a software developer in the centre of Manchester.

I highly recommend Northcoders for a quick way to gain a new skill and change your career.

Hibo - Front End Developer at In Touch Networks

My time at Northcoders can best be described as a turning point in my life. Northcoders is where I took the first steps into a career I’d been dreaming about. The bootcamp is an intense learning experience, every day felt like you couldn’t possibly learn any more, but with coding there is always more! I never really felt challenged enough at University, but the bootcamp was both difficult and rewarding in a way that you only get when you achieve something you at first thought was impossible. The most significant advantage of being in a classroom is that you learn not just from lectures, but from conversations and peers, something you can’t get when learning remotely or teaching yourself.

The support from staff on site was around the clock and I never felt like I couldn’t ask for help, even outside of working hours. The tutors were always happy to arrange extra classes for us if necessary. After graduation, the support was just as accessible and helpful. The bootcamp teaches you the skills to be a full-stack developer, and I learned quite early on the type of work I would be interested in doing after graduation. I was thoroughly prepared for interviews and technical tests, and my CV was made market ready. I am now lucky to be working at exactly the kind of firm and doing exactly the type of work that interests me.

Alvaro - Software Developer at Kynesic

The bootcamp passed quicker than a blink of an eye. Really fun time with different things every day to worry about and definitely stretch the boundaries of my mind to its limits. I have been a radiographer for 10 years and my career reached the maximum level of job satisfaction I could have but it wasn’t enough for me.

The tutors were brilliant and very helpful and most importantly with loads and loads of patience! The support was good and successful. I did some self-learning prior Northcoders and it is a really difficult task with a really big scope. Northcoders helped me focus on what technologies I should start with and build a successful profile

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