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iShorts3 - 'Wash Club'

'Wash Club' is the strange but true story of one man’s struggle to uncover a secret society of students who get into tumble driers for fun. 

Doug is an undergrad journalist who sees this strange subculture as an opportunity to kickstart his career - so he investigates. But the deeper he digs, the bigger the mystery becomes. Before long, Doug finds himself at the centre of the very cult he was supposed to be investigating. Doug has to decide just how far he is willing to go for the sake of a good story.

A satirical thriller, peppered with dark humour. After this short film you'll never think of a laundrette in the same way again!

The Team

Simon Dymond, Director

As soon as Simon heard the original Wash Club podcast he knew he wanted to make it into a short film, and after a little investigation of his own, 'Wash Club' the movie was born.

Simon is an award winning director who specialises in short films, music videos and commercials. He has been mentored on directing schemes such as Filmworks and Directors Lab in association with the BFI and is currently a headhunted director on Radar Music Videos. He has directed many music videos for several artists and record labels through the site, as well as having his short films screened around the world. 

Ross Sutherland, Writer 

Ross is the protagonist of the real-life version of Wash Club, occurring back in 1999, when he was a journalism student at the University of East Anglia. In the years since, Ross has gone on to become an established poet, screenwriter and playwright. His theatre show, 'Stand by For Tape Back Up', was nominated for the 2015 Art Foundation Award for Spoken Word. The film adaptation was nominated for Best Documentary at the Edinburgh Film Festival, and won the Runner-Up Audience Prize at Fantastic Fest in Austin. He is a regular contributor to BBC Radio 4’s Short Cuts, and writer/producer of the storytelling podcast, Imaginary Advice.

Lauren Parker, Producer

Lauren is a Midlands based producer who specialises in short films, music videos and commercials but has also worked on micro-budget features. Her latest short Night Owls premiered at London Short Film Festival this year, with horror short Lab Rats also currently touring the festival circuit and recently picking up its first award. Lauren's work has been seen at festivals around the world including Frightfest and even the horror channel.


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