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iAMDigital backs two organisations and reopens to support more companies with a social mission.

iAMDigital is a fund developed by Creative England and Nominet Trust to support the need to increase the digital capability of all. As highlighted in the government’s Digital Strategy, we are increasingly living in a society that is digital by default, however some people are being left behind. iAMDigital is dedicated to closing the digital skills gap, especially for marginalised groups and so the fund has now reopened to reach more organisations with a social mission at their core.

So far, the fund has backed Turinglab and Northcoders, two companies working hard to improve digital skills in young people, from all backgrounds.


Northcoders is a Manchester based organisation that is dedicated to teaching coding. They run coding bootcamps teaching all the skills required for participants to become entry-level software developers in just 12 weeks.

After receiving the award, they aim to expand further across the North - increasing their classroom sizes to enable them to offer more coding classes. They believe the more people they can teach to code, the greater difference it will make to people’s lives - creating employment or further training opportunities.

The iAMDigital funding has given Northcoders a platform to start their next expansion phase. Tech is one of the fastest growing sectors in the north, so the digital up-skilling of workers provided by Northcoders will ensure there is a qualified workforce to maintain pace with this growth.


Turinglab is an educational technology organisation working to empower the next generation with digital skills. The organisation develops resources and software to increase engagement with digital skills.

The award has enabled Turinglab to expand their programming further and begin to bring teaching software into communities and schools across the UK. By learning to code, the programme allows young people to benefit and thrive in our increasingly digital society. Turinglab champions diversity within tech so the initiative actively seeks to support those from low-income backgrounds.

iAMDigital Fund is Re-opened

The iAMDigital fund is currently open and investing in organisations that are enabling digital engagement; tackling the barriers limiting people’s digital capabilities; and increasing digital inclusion amongst those who are most marginalised. We look forward to seeing what other socially focused digital enterprises are out there.

For more information on the programme and how to apply, head here.

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