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The summer holidays may be drawing to a close, but there are some excellent feature films opening across the UK today, including God’s Own Country and Limehouse Golem. With a name which so clearly references Yorkshire you could guess where God’s Own Country filmed, more surprising perhaps is that Limehouse Golem also filmed in the region, despite the story following a murder mystery in London.

Limehouse Golem’s production was based in Leeds at Studio 81 and filmed in Yorkshire: Bradford, Leeds, Wakefield, Rotherham with additional scenes in Manchester. The production came to Creative England for assistance with filming locations and local crews, shooting at a wide range of locations across the North to achieve the perfect Victorian London setting. A significant part of the filming took place at Dalton Mills in Bradford, with support from Bradford Film Office, with other locations including:

  • Dalton Mills, Keighley, Bradford
  • Saltaire Canal, Saltaire, Bradford
  • Leeds Town Hall
  • Bramham Park, Leeds
  • Braime Pressings, Leeds
  • Wakefield Town Hall
  • Wentworth Woodhouse, Rotherham
  • The John Rylands Library, Manchester
  • Manchester Town Hall

Producer Joanna Laurie explains:

“One of the reasons we chose to shoot around Leeds, particularly in [Bradford’s] Dalton Mill, was that it offered a fresh angle on a period so often depicted on screen. London has modernised whereas we found many more pristine locations in the north. So Juan Carlos and our designer Grant Montgomery have given the film an edge, as well as providing the audience an opportunity to discover a new “old” world. We built sets to rival any big Hollywood production in their scale and detail: Grant’s knowledge of the area and passion for the period enabled us to realise our ambition to make a spectacular looking film. Walking on set was like walking into Pabst’s Threepenny Opera!”

God’s Own Country also releases today, which shows the beautiful and awe-inspiring sights from the Yorkshire Dales. The story follows a Yorkshire farmer who develops a relationship with a Romanian migrant worker during spring lambing season. 

Set on a farm in rural Yorkshire, the production used Laycock, Keighley, Haworth, Otley and Bradford as locations, with support from Creative England’s Production Services to source appropriate locations and reliable local crew, and additional support from Bradford Film Office.

Both Limehouse Golem and God’s Own Country are out now in UK cinemas.

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