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The EU Referendum & the Creative Industries

The UK is full of great businesses fuelled by enormous creativity and the free movement of ideas, goods and talent.

Our country is a creative powerhouse and we know for sure that the creative economy will continue to be at the centre of our economic future; maintaining our competitive edge in the light of increasing global competition is vital. It is important that all parties pull together to ensure our vibrant arts, creative businesses and creative institutions are not impacted negatively by the uncertainty and turmoil of the next few weeks and months. And it is vital we build sustainability for our long term future rather than short term expediencies.

But creativity is not only a driver of our economic prosperity - it’s also at the heart of how we express ourselves and pull our communities together.  As the UK looks to continue working with Europe and the rest of the world, safeguarding the the institutions, funding and ecosystems that support creative talent and creative businesses to thrive will be of huge importance.

- Caroline Norbury MBE, CEO of Creative England

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