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#EnglandisCreative - Our first ever brand campaign

Today we launched our first ever brand marketing campaign, which shines a light on the creative and tech future leaders it champions who tell their inspirational stories via user generated content.

#EnglandIsCreative gives a voice to some of the brightest talent we have worked with, and a platform to tell the story of how their businesses were able to grow and scale, with the aim of inspiring the best new creative and tech entrepreneurs to come forward.

The campaign celebrates Creative England’s successes to date, £27.7million invested into 1,066 business and creative talent, including tech, digital and film businesses, games developers and film makers, in addition 560 jobs have been created and £25,357,409 leveraged in private funding. All leading to 37 original games being created, 205 feature films developed, and 80 industry awards won.

Our campaign celebrates new and emerging talent across the regions, showcasing how entrepreneurial and innovative England’s creative industries are, and highlighting how essential they are to the country’s post-Brexit economy.

Four films have been produced for #EnglandIsCreative. First, a brand film to tell the overarching Creative England story, then a film to sum up each of the three sectors it works in, TV and film, gaming and tech. The films, released week by week, allow successful entrepreneurs to speak directly to the next generation of creative talent, and inspire them to start their own journey.

Sharon Horgan, actress, writer and director, comments: 

“Creativity is very important, it is wonderful to be able to express who you are, and what you think and have an outlet for that.  Creative England has a very important part to play in that as they’re there to help fund the projects that might not get out there otherwise.”

The films are curated and edited by collaborative storytelling platform Seenit, one of the hugely successful tech companies Creative England has supported. Generating the content via the Seenit app, amplified by the simple mantra of ‘England is Creative’, has ensured a campaign that is genuine and heartwarming.

Emily Forbes, founder of Seenit, comments: 

“I know from first hand experience that a great idea isn’t enough. Creative England provides the helping hand for people like us to access the money, markets and network we need to accelerate forward.

“By using Seenit the voices of the creatives can be heard directly from them, and the audience can see the message is an honest, unscripted, first hand recommendation of Creative England’s work. I believe that encouraging and supporting creative confidence in people is what will accelerate real change in the world, so we're very proud to be able to help power the message that England is Creative.”

The campaign features content generated by filmmakers including Sharon Horgan (Divorce, Catastrophe), Simon Bird (The Inbetweeners), and Barry Ryan (Warp Films); from the gaming industry Alex Rose (Alex Rose Games), Joel Kemp (Lockwood Publishing) and Steven Huckle (Shark Infested Custard); and tech contributors include Emily Forbes (Seenit), Simon Riley (Maker Club) and Jess Ratty (Crowdfunder). Other supporters featured include Karen Blackett (Mediacom), Former Culture Minister Ed Vaizey, Bill Lawrence and Kate Russell (BBC Click).

In addition, Manchester-based MAGNAFI, another successful film content company supported by Creative England, has developed the creative on the campaign as well as providing the content distribution strategy across paid and earned media.

Caroline Norbury, CEO of Creative England comments: 

“The UK’s creative industries are worth an incredible £87bn and generate £10m an hour to our economy. It is Creative England’s mission to ensure this continues and grows.

“We find and nurture the best and most innovative new creative and tech talent, give them the support they need grow and scale, which in turn builds England’s economy, something completely imperative post-Brexit.

“The inspiration for #EnglandIsCreative is to seek out new talent, whilst further promoting the future creative and tech leaders we’ve already had huge success with.”

The campaign begins on Tuesday 8th November when the brand film will be released as a digital ad. The further films will be released week by week via our social platforms.

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