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Dotforge Launches Healthcare Accelerator

Leeds based accelerator Dotforge have launched a new healthcare focused programme for tech start-ups and SMEs with support from Creative England.

Please note: This accelerator has now closed and is no longer accepting applications.

The Dotforge Health + Data program will invest up to £20,000 into 10 companies which use or create data for health applications and are developing products for use by doctors, clinicians, patients and carers.

Emma Cheshire, managing director, CEO and co-founder of Dotforge, said: 

“We have successfully graduated three programmes during the last two years and we are delighted to expand our reach to offer an accelerator to help new entrepreneurs working developing data driven applications for health. 

“Leeds is the perfect place to run this accelerator, as the city is the epicentre for health data in the UK, being the home of the NHS national data resource and base for many of the key patient record providers for the UK. 

“These companies service over 55million GP patient records, as well as A&E and social services data management resources. This creates a rich ecosystem to support and sustain new companies and attract talented people to the area. 

“At Dotforge we support talented startups with investment; mentoring and we have teamed up with key players in the health arena to ensure the companies build connections in the sector.” 

The accelerator will be delivered by Dotforge and brings together leading UK clinical software and services provider EMIS Health and specialist technology investor Mercia along with the Yorkshire and Humber Academic Health Science Network and Creative England to offer a unique package of support for health focused startups and early stage companies.  

Kate Adam, Programme Manager for Business Investment at Creative England, said: 

“There’s a real buzz around health tech at the moment and partnering on Dotforge Health presents a great opportunity for us to help discover those untapped ideas which are ripe for business development. 

“For us, Dotforge Health also works hand in hand with our Interactive Healthcare Programme which we’ll be launching again later this year. It’s an exciting time for industry crossover and creative collaboration, which we are proud to be a part of.” 

The use of data in health has been identified as a significant step change in the way healthcare is provided; central to this is the shifting role of the patient, from passive to a more engaged role in managing and engaging in their health and wellbeing.

TechNorth is also sponsoring the program as part of its strategy to profile the health technology strengths of the North of England. 

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