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Creative Industries Contribute a Huge £92bn to UK Economy

The DCMS recently published a report considering the economic estimates of the contribution of DCMS sectors in 2016. This including the creative industries and using GVA as a measurement of contribution.

The overall estimate contribution of the DCMS sectors in 2016 (GVA) was £249bn, which is 14.2% of UK GVA. The DCMS sectors collectively have grown at a quicker rate than the UK economy.  With an increase of 29% since 2010.

Source: DCMS Sector Economic Estimates 2016: GVA Report

The Creative Industries saw the greatest increase in 2016, with a 7.6% increase across the year. IT, software and computer services as a sub-sector of the Creative Industries really impacted the substantial growth of the sector (11.4% increase), with Film,TV, video, radio and photography gaining a 6.6% increase, translating to over £15bn in 2016. 

The Creative Industries as a whole contributed £92bn to the UK economy. This sector includes the following sub-sectors: advertising and marketing, architecture, crafts, design, film, tv, IT, computer services and more.

Interestingly, the Digital Sector  made up nearly half of the DCMS sectors’ GVA in 2016 and the Creative Industries represented over a third. There is an overlap seen within the DCMS sectors, including an overlap between the Creative Industries and the Digital Sector.

Read the full report here.