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Creative England Film at Edinburgh International Film Festival

This week sees the start of the 69th Edinburgh International Film Festival, an event that explores new and exciting ideas in cinema and invites both local and international talent to showcase their work. 

Among the fiction film and documentary line up at this year’s festival you’ll find a strong selection of work that has been supported by Creative England’s Film team.  From heart stopping personal dramas, to innovative and thought-provoking shorts, we’ve helped support a host of new filmic voices this year, many of whom will be on the ground in Edinburgh this weekend. Here’s what to look out for...

'45 Years'

Supported through Creative England’s Production Fund, ‘45 Years’ tells the story of a couple whose years of happy marriage are thrown into question following a startling discovery made on the cusp of their 45th wedding anniversary. The film, directed by Andrew Haigh, already turned heads earlier this year at Berlin Film Festival, with leads Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay taking home Best Actor/Actress Silver Bear Awards. The film looks set to find similar success on home soil too, screening in competition for the Michael Powell Award for Best British Feature Film at EIFF 2015. ’45 Years’ is the first completed feature to graduate from our Creative England Production Fund which supports feature films with budgets of up to £2 million from new filmmakers with innovative approaches. 

‘45 Years’ screens on 19th& 21st June (Public Screenings) 17th & 25th June (Press & Industry Screenings)

'The Pig Child'

Lucy Campbell entered our first iShorts programme with an intriguing idea for a body-shock short. The film she delivered in 2014 was ‘The Pig Child’, a controversial short exploring how personal choice blurs with scientific advancement. Campbell’s story follows a young scientist whose ambition in the field of genetics leads her to impregnate herself with a half-human half-pig embryo. As her ‘creation’ takes on human form, she must face up to the reality of her decision and the responsibilities that come with creating a life. Creative England’s iShorts offers new filmmakers a £5,000 production award and programme of support to make a short film. To find out more about ‘Pig Child’, read our exclusive interview with director Lucy Campbell.

‘The Pig Child’ is screening as part of the Shorts: Shadowed Landscape Programme on 19th June (Public Screening) & 25th June (Press and Industry Screening).


Director Martin Radich may originally hail from Blackpool but he found inspiration in rural Norfolk for Creative England’s second film in competition for the Michael Power Award. With ‘Inglourious Basterds’ star Denis Ménochet taking the lead, Radich’s brooding debut feature looks at the troubled relationship between a father and son, whilst investigating the often circumstantial notions of right and wrong, good and bad. ‘Norfolk’ joins Guy Myhill’s critical hit ‘The Goob’ as the second completed film from 2014’s iFeatures slate, which produced three micro-budget films alongside partners the BFIBBC Films and Creative Skillset. Find out which films iFeatures will be supporting throughout 2015. Read our exclusive interview with 'Norfolk' director Martin Radich.

‘Norfolk’ is screening 25th& 27th June (Public Screenings) 23rd & 26th June (Press & Industry Screenings).

Industry Sessions

Creative England will also be present off the screen at this year’s Edinburgh International, with representatives from our Film team appearing at a variety of events throughout the weekend. ‘Ask Me Anything!’ (18th) aims to answer your burning questions about funding, pitching, producing and distribution, ‘Short Road to Features’ (19th) explores the importance of a good short film, ‘The Fitting Room’ gives filmmakers the opportunity to test pitch their feature project and ‘The (un)equilateral Triangle’ (20th) puts producing under the microscope. You’ll find members of Creative England’s Film team at each of these events and you can book one-on-one mentoring sessions throughout June 20th. Filmmaker Rachel Tunnard will also be in attendance to participate in a Talent Lab session entitled ‘How I Lived Mine’. Here, the director of ‘How to Live Yours’ (funded by the Creative England production fund) discusses her work with Creative England and unwraps the experience of making her first feature. 

Please note – Rachel Tunnard’s session is for invited Talent Lab participants only but you can find out more about her film and experience working with Creative England by reading our exclusive interview.

For more information, follow Creative England's Film team on Twitter.

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