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Creative England Digital Accelerator - Meet The Teams

Creative England in partnership with Silicon South launched the Dorset accelerator back in November of 2014. The programme was aimed at business in the North, Midlands and South West and was open to SME’s in app development, gaming, animation and special effects. 

The applicants have now reached the end of the selection process and a handful of creative and digital companies have been chosen to receive £12,500 in seed funding. 

This diverse, three-month programme was made up of workshops, one to one meetings and mentoring events from industry professionals based in Bournemouth. As a result, the accelerator has produced companies that have reached an array of stages, from minimum viable product to successful launches and trading. 

The training each team went through was tailored to the company and individuals and focused on:

  • Product/market fit
  • User profiling
  • Scoping solutions
  • Identifying delivery milestones
  • Building a road map for the next 2 years
  • Customers and marketing messages
  • Looking at brand
  • Sales techniques
  • Social media and converting to sales
  • Future business planning through the perspective of winning further funding/investment

The programme will officially conclude today, providing a chance for investors to me the eight prosperous companies, each with their own well-developed brand and plans to achieve significant return on investment.

Meet The Teams:

BitShake is an open platform that enables developers to easily create apps and make use of Bitcoin technology. The financial and legal innovation enabled by Bitcoin is often stifled by its technical complexity, security issues and regulation, however Bitshake's unique approach offers resolve to these issues by using easy to configure digital contracts which run in the cloud.


Write-Track is a suite of digital productivity tools that will revolutionise creative writing. Write-Track takes established behaviour change methodologies – proven to work in the fitness, weight-loss and healthcare markets and applies them to creative practice using a series of hooks, triggers and rewards. 

The Personal Finance Academy

The Personal Finance Academy provides online money education for young people and has been designed to be an easy buying decision for schools. The programme meets the compulsory requirements of the National Curriculum whilst eliminating the need for a teacher’s expertise, expensive training or the disruption of guest speakers. The company also has a strong social element to raise financial awareness and equip young people to make informed decisions.

High Street Fit Finder

High Street Fit Finder is founded on the insight that there are inconsistency in sizes between retailers; with a Mintel report stating that 60% of women don't know what size to buy. High Street Fit Finder is an online information service that combines product data with retailer’s size charts giving consumers otherwise unavailable information. This enables them to buy the right size clothes first time.


Moment.Us has created technology that harnesses 30+ years of research to determine people’s personalities through their music tastes, enabling business to profile, segment and target their mobile customers instantly.


Senseye is developing a web-based product to increase the reliability and performance of equipment and machines by analysing sensor and environmental data. The product is aimed at smaller businesses who do not possess large IT departments and have so far been priced out. Over five years, SensEye will enter a number of markets (such as small industry, arable farming and renewable energy).

Fusion WIFI

Fusion WiFi supplies an innovative data capture tool that enables business owners to get to know their customers, in return for offering free WiFi authenticated by customers’ social media accounts, by presenting their customer with a branded, easy to use WiFi login portal. Fusion Wi-Fi offers the solution for businesses needing to get something back from offering free WiFi, traditionally seen as just another business expense.


The YourStreet Gift Card was launched in 2013 to provide independent shops with the means to access the £5bil gift card market. It's the UK’s 1st multi-shop gift card. It is already accepted in over 100 shops across Bristol and sold £80,000 of cards in year one. The YourStreet gift card has proved it brings new customers to shops as well as new revenue, and has proved a popular choice for people wanting to share the love of local. 

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