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Reframed: Immersive & Interactive Storytelling

Brought together by the convergence of technology and creativity, immersive storytelling gives an audience a true feeling of being there. It’s an opportunity to become lost in a different world, whether that’s through 3D gaming, VR or augmented reality. Immersive storytelling really opens up new ways of thinking and a unique sense of entertainment is formed.

Our joint programme with Lighthouse, Reframed brings together leaders and innovators from a cross-sectoral field. From: film, games, sounds, arts and media. It’s a true opportunity for passionate creatives to explore emerging practices within immersive and interactive storytelling. Below are some examples of immersive storytelling to give you a little taste of this highly interactive realm.

Hammerhead VR

A proclaimed immersive entertainment studio; Hammerhead VR are leaders in virtual reality as they create exceptional cinematic quality content. Their recent game Syren is a VR survival horror game, that see’s the user find themselves in a lost ancient city where an obsessed scientist conducts horrific experiments to recreate the lost species of the Syrens.

Hammerhead VR were named in our 2017 Future Leaders and CE50. Hammerhead also Exhibited in our Nexus Zone at CE Live 2017, which was a celebration of creativity and technology.

104 films / Archers Mark (Notes on Blindness)

Recent work Notes on Blindness, follows one man’s audio notes surrounding his attempt to come to terms with blindness.  Notes on Blindness: Into Darkness is not only a feature film, but includes a VR experience in which the audience can step into John’s immersive world based on his sensory and psychological experience of blindness.

104 Films were named as a  CE50 Future Leader, and their acclaimed Notes on Blindness was nominated for 3 Baftas (2017) and is available to watch on Netflix.

Strange Thoughts

Strange Thoughts deliver amazing tech-led creative for bold brands and marketers; they create immersive worlds and experiences for brands. They have created immersive experiences such as: geo-listening experiences, LED Hoops for musical performances, livestreams to experience different places and cultures. See below an example of their work at Field Day festival, where they produced a ground breaking body scanning 360 dome. The dome recreated the movement of particles and atoms when you dance, bringing together an immersive experience of the self; telling the story of your own atoms and particles.

Strange Thoughts were named as a  CE50 Future Leader, they also gave us the pleasure of having Homer (their beer pouring robot) at CE Live 2017.

After the Storm

A popular example of immersive storytelling is an audio and visual story with a letter describing one person’s experience of life after a destructive storm hit their town; offering comfort, instructions and a distraction. The immersive content allows the audience to take a scroll through their experience, including: newspaper clippings, news video clips, photos and more.

You can view the full story here!

Leeds Digital / Leeds International Festivals

This month the city of Leeds welcomes two festivals that celebrate the arts and creativity, within these are many examples of immersive storytelling. Taking a look into everything from: games, health, film, women in tech, VR, fashion and more.  

Take a look below at their respective programmes for more information.

Leeds Digital Festival

Leeds International Festival

Reframed is aimed at those wanting to learn more about designing and producing interactive and immersive work. 

The programme begins with talks on the 27th April , from the likes of: Landia Egal (Producer/Co-Founder of Wigal), Rob Morgan (Game Writer, Narrative Designer, and Creative Director), Kim-Leigh Pontin (Interaction Director & Researcher), Resh Sidhu (VR Creative Director) and Christopher O’Reilly (ECD & Co-Founder of Nexus).

The following day (28th April) will see workshops take place , with one surrounding Creative Immersive Worlds and one around writing for games.

Tickets to both the talks and workshops are available now:

Reframed Talks

Writing for Games Workshop

Creating Immersive World Workshop

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