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Mantis Burn Racing - First DLC packs available for download now

Since  Mantis Burn Racing® launched in October 2016 the reaction from both fans and critics has been overwhelmingly positive. Voofoo were listed as CE50 2017 and are very excited to be able to tell you that the first new content packs are now available for download on PlayStation®4, Xbox One and Steam® (for Windows PC).   

First up, the ‘Snowbound Pack’, which brings a brand-new snow-themed race environment to the game. They're even more excited to be able to tell you that this pack is completely FREE-to-download and brings with it a massive update to the game by not only adding four new tracks, but also season’s two and three of the Veteran Class career. That’s a whopping 34 extra events to complete in your quest to be crowned Mantis Burn Racing® Champion!

The treacherous snow and ice covered terrain of the new tracks in ‘Snowbound’ - Crevasse, Salvage, Silo (personal fave) and Research Base – are sure to present a different type of driving challenge to the dusty sand dunes and tarmacked city streets that you’ve been used to racing around up to now! 

View the ‘Snowbound’ trailer here

Also available now, is the ‘Elite Class’ DLC pack, which adds a brand-new class of ‘Elite’ Hover vehicles to the game. Strap yourself in and hold on to your hats, these futuristic-looking speed machines are seriously fast… You could say they are set to make your game play really take off!

Hover vehicles use powerful turbines to hover above the ground making them less affected by the tracks’ surface, which is something that you’re probably going to find most noticeable, and useful, when taking on the new Snowbound tracks. Your driving skills are going to be pushed to the limits by these ‘Elite Class’ vehicles, they have the capability to smash your previous fastest lap times but you’ll need to master their unique handling characteristics before you lay claim to topping the Global Leaderboards!

Hover vehicles are playable on any of the 12 reversible tracks in game and in all events. What’s more, they come with their own 12 event ‘Elite’ career season that is unlocked immediately and only available with this DLC pack!

The ‘Elite Class’ DLC includes:

• Harpy: Light-weight Hover vehicle 

• Griffin: Medium-weight Hover vehicle

• Manticore: Heavy-weight Hover vehicle

• Plus: A stand-alone 12-event ‘Elite’ career season.

View the ‘Elite Class’ DLC trailer here

The ‘Elite Class’ DLC pack is available to download now for just: £1.99 / €2.49 / $2.49.

We hope you enjoy the new content!

VooFoo Studios.

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