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Interview: Solutions for Retail Brands on Solving Problems and Company Growth

Based in Nottingham, Solutions for Retail Brands (S4RB) provide the type of service you might expect from their company name. 

Their team work to develop bespoke software aimed at improving the relationships between private brand retailers and their suppliers, helping them work together towards a single unified goal. “S4RB understands the connection between successful supplier engagement and the performance of great private brands,” company Director James Butcher tells Creative England. “With our products and services, empowered teams turn customers into brand advocates and suppliers into brand champions to create a Unified Brand Experience (UBX).”

Their decision to focus on a ‘unified brand experience’ came after the company identified two major issues facing the current marketplace. “A challenge unique to private brand retailers is scale,” explains Butcher. “Thousands of products, many hundreds of suppliers. A broad range of categories - to be competitive they need to leverage the relationship with their private brand suppliers to work more collaboratively, and more efficiently. The second challenge is the increased feedback around products,” he adds. “Omni-channel retail mean more channels providing more feedback. The challenge is to make sense of all of this noise and S4RB’s UBX Cloud Services allows a retailer to consolidate this different feedback into “One View” of product performance.”

Once they have this valuable information in hand - and all in one place - retailers can concentrate on providing quality innovation and a competitive approach. “It also saves retailers and brand owners money because it uses insight from consumers and reduces the need for third party market research,” continues Butcher. “It’s not only about creating ‘one view’ but creating the ‘one view’ which is relevant to brand objectives, whether that’s price, value or quality. A Unified Brand Experience is a new way of working where suppliers, retail teams and customers are linked together and therefore maximum value is achieved.” 

With their company goal set, James and his team at S4RB applied for Creative England’s Interest Free Business Loans to help fast-track their product development. “The support from Creative England allowed us to develop the proof of concept and to ‘bring this to life’ for retailers,” recalls Butcher, adding that the funding “immediately led to new orders from retailers keen to benefit from this innovative solution.” 

With investment behind their endeavours, Solutions for Retail Brands are set to take their innovation to more markets, helping brands integrate and work better with retailers and customers. What’s more, they’re already off to a great start. “We work with some of the world’s biggest retailers and private brands, including Walmart, ASDA, Delhaize, Boots, Safeway, Waitrose and Musgrave Group,” says Butcher of the company’s current client list. 

As for future plans? “We’re continuing to develop the intelligence within the suite of UBX Cloud Services. We want to provide more insight with new and innovative ways to share information,” he explains. “Our aim is to really empower decision making with one consistent goal of enabling competitive private brands.”

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