FreelanceDiary: Removing Barriers Between Freelancers and Clients

Creative England supported FreelanceDiary, the brainchild of TV director and cameraperson, Richard Jeffs. During the 12 years working as a freelancer, Richard experienced a number of problems with the current freelancer booking process which inspired him to create a ‘new way to book freelancers’.

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We asked Richard a few questions on the process and creation of FreelanceDiary, to gain an insight into why FreelanceDiary could be revolutionary throughout the TV, film and creative industries.

Can you give us a quick overview of the challenge associated with hiring freelancers?

Answering my phone at work was often challenging, making it difficult for my clients to contact me. New opportunities were also hard to find. Keen to avoid expensive agency and diary services, I searched for an online solution, only to discover most platforms use an antiquated job-posting model that’s too slow for our on-demand industry. This is what drove me to designed a new, faster freelancer booking platform.

How does FreelanceDiary help to combat this challenge?

FreelanceDiary removes the barriers between freelancers and clients by providing fast bookings through an award-winning app. Replacing the slow job-posting model is the Diary, a smart calendar app that transforms freelancers’ availability into opportunity, enabling clients to instantly view new or favourite freelancers available for their job and make bookings directly. FreelanceDiary is fast becoming the go-to platform for productions who require freelancers in all roles.

Are there any features within FreelanceDiary which are truly exceptional?

The booking process makes communication very easy, even when freelancers are busy. Another innovative feature is ‘Contacts’, which enables members to connect their Apple, Google and phone contacts to instantly view who, from their favourite freelancers, are available. FreelanceDiary also provides members with a creative Profile page, allowing freelancers to showcase their work and clients to find talented freelancers. FreelanceDiary is unique, and the best is still to come.

Can you give us a quick run through on how to use the service?

A confirmed booking is made in three, simple steps:

1)      When clients add their booking dates and job criteria, FreelanceDiary searches all freelancers’ diaries and displays those with availability. The client can then view an example of the freelancers’ work and select the best candidates.

2)      Freelancers are alerted to bookings instantly, with a push notification on their app. By adding their rate, the total is calculated automatically, enabling freelancers to respond quickly. Freelancers never miss a golden opportunity due to being too busy.

3)      Within minutes, the client starts receiving quotes. They can then book the perfect freelancer and manage the booking efficiently. The booking updates in both members’ diaries automatically, and contact details are available throughout the process should either party require more info.

How do you feel Creative England’s audience could benefit from using FreelanceDiary?

FreelanceDiary streamlines freelancer bookings for freelancers and clients, saving both time and money. Clients get fast access to a large pool of talent and freelancers receive more opportunities. This new model meets the demand of the growing freelance workplace, where companies hire quickly for fast turnaround projects.

What’s next for FreelanceDiary?

We’re currently adding some cool enhancements to the Profile page and enabling members to connect their Diary with their Apple and Google Calendars. I’m also very excited about the release of our Activity feature, but I mustn't give too much away just now!

Do you have any major aims for the coming year?

We have just released our freemium model, enabling FreelanceDiary to continue expanding its large community of talented freelancers and innovative clients quickly. We have some big goals, which is why we’re proud to have such fantastic support from our valued members.

Thanks Richard!          

If you’d like to learn more, please visit FreelanceDiary.com and watch the introductory video. 

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