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Fighting Fantasy Legends Game Release

“A perilous adventure awaits, be you friend or foe the decision is yours. Are YOU the Hero of Fighting Fantasy Legends?”

“Fighting Fantasy Legends” is the latest game to be released by Nomad Games last week. The game is an amalgamation of the three classic gamebooks; City of Thieves, Citaldel of Chaos and The Warlock of Fireton Mountain, written by highly acclaimed authors Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone.

This year marks the 35th anniversary of Fighting Fantasy, and in honour of this, Scholastic are publishing a brand new gamebook 'The Port of Peril' by Ian Livingstone on 3 August 2017, along with five Fighting Fantasy resleeved new editions of the classic series and the three books featured in the game are to be republished this summer in the UK.

This isn't the first game Creative England have supported by Nomad Games, in the past corroborating on Talisman, Smash-Up and Fighting Fantasy.

The aim of the game is to explore the treacherous continent of Allansia; whilst battling rogues, beasts and monsters that stray in the way of your path. There are a series of cryptic clues that you will need to piece together in order to progress on your journey and complete your hazardous quests.

“We are proud to have been working with Nomad on Fighting Fantasy Legends. Throughout the development they have striven to maintain the look and feel of the Fighting Fantasy world of Titan and have  succeeded admirably. Plus they have introduced a whole new approach to Fighting Fantasy, bringing cards into the gameplay.” -

Steve Jackson 

Your expertise should also include the ability to win a slick sword fight, whilst summoning your magic to defeat demons and lift the curse on the village of Silverton. You will need to defeat Zanbar Bone or travel to Firetop Mountain to conquer Zagor, The Warlock before reaching your hindmost quest to assassinate Balthus Dire, who is shielded by mythical monsters and beasts safely in the Citadel.

The game weaves threads of each book to take you on a cutting-edge odyssey of interlocking story lines, leaving surprises and unsuspected challenges for players both new and experienced with Fighting Fantasy.

Can you become legendary?

Out now on Steam iOS and Android.


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