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Creative England & Barclays Announce 8 Companies for Eagle Lab Flight

Barclays Eagle Lab Flight launched on the 20th March. There have been 8 companies selected to follow the programme, with an inspiring schedule of events, workshops and opportunities for mentorship planned for the 12-week period.  Below is a brief insight into the companies and why they felt the need to apply to Barclays Eagle Lab Flight.

Ikigai Factory LTD. (REVR)

As a mobile creation tool and publishing platform for real estate, REVR aims to build virtual house tours for quicker sales of properties, offering a solution to the problem of having limited viewings per week.

REVR expressed an interest in mentors and being in a creative community of entrepreneurs as reasons for applying. They’re hoping to propel through the fight programme, hoping that by the end of it their software will truly help customers achieve their goals.


The Vanuse mobile app allows customers to instantly order a van and driver to their location. This affordable on-demand service provides a new convenient way to order a van and driver to move one or more items in real time.

Vanuse saw real success upon launch, with van drivers and hundreds of customers downloading the app in the first month and subsequently leading to a large number of jobs successfully completed.

Vanuse saw Eagle Lab Flight as a unique opportunity to gain expert mentorship and business support that may help them reach their full potential. They like others are looking forward to working with the other chosen companies. They have big ambitions to see Vanuse rolled out across the UK in the next 12 months.

Perks Loyalty

Perks Loyalty offer a solution that allows customers to use their phones as a virtual card. They use app-based technology for retailers to run customer incentive and loyalty schemes. Offering a quality alternative to traditional loyalty cards, with a device that allows the setup of bespoke programmes, to truly take some benefit from customer data.

The main reason for applying was to gain mentoring and coaching from specialists, who can help drive high growth. The ambitious Perks Loyalty have a desire to become a household name in digital loyalty. They too are looking forward to meeting the other companies due to like-mindedness and a real sense of ambition seen in all selected businesses.


TeamPro offer a free online platform that allows sports teams to organise matches, with features such as line ups and player availability. Their software removes the background from player images and videos, allowing for the aforementioned line-ups to be created, as well as a rolling news channel.

Their main goal is to provide a free service that encourages individuals to play amateur sports, with a plethora of sports available on the platform. Since launch they have gained 34,000 users and are now spread across 21 sports.

They believe they are preparing to move to the next level and with the help of the programme they feel the company can be leveraged towards a highly profitable business.

We Are Personal

We are personal are web developers with a twist, they are committed to offering every customer a unique message, journey and experience with their well-managed personalisation solution. They aim to adapt websites to fit user requirements whilst also managing this custom built site for their clients.

They have true belief in the Eagle Lab Flight programme, as they believe it may help them see high growth going forward. They also feel the mentoring sessions may benefit them, due to the process of bouncing ideas off an experienced business head.

They feel that being in a more open environment with other entrepreneurs and indeed mentors will give them a helping hand with idea generation.


Goodmoney are developing new software as a service (SAAS) that will revolutionise the way small independent and creative businesses access the gift card and voucher market. The company operate paper gift vouchers that can be spent with a network of small independent and creative businesses.

Goodmoney see benefit in joining Eagle Lab Flight as a way to develop a digital platform that enables small businesses to sell their own brand gift cards. They also feel that this notion is closely aligned with the aims and objectives of both Creative England and Barclays Eagle Labs. Goodmoney are particularly looking forward to the workshops as they wish to refine their value proposition.

Good Company Wealth

Good Company Wealth intends to disrupt the savings and wealth management market. Currently individuals in the UK aren’t saving enough and those who are, are often not seeing a great return.

Their platform opens the institutional loan market to ordinary investors through fractional ownership. Users will be able to obtain superior risk adjusted returns on their savings as a result.

Good Company Wealth thought it would be of benefit to apply for the programme for several reasons: to gain UK investment agency backing, to access the creative talents of Creative England and gaining financial advice and expertise from Barclays.


Railguard offer a simple and free solution to ensure that you always get compensation from delayed or cancelled trains if you are entitled to it.

We look forward to kicking off the 12-week programme in good fashion and we also look forward to seeing what the companies can produce in that period! 

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