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Creative England Funded SME Formisimo Launch Nudgr

Salford-based start-up Formisimo have launched sister-site Nudgr aimed at helping online brands increase their conversion rate and number of completed sales.  

Currently in Beta, Nudgr was created as a machine learning platform that monitors customer habits and predicts when customers are likely to leave your checkout before they actually exit your site. 

This in turn allows brands to engage with users early via a built-in messaging tool and keep them active and on your website until the conversion is made. Based on early tests, Formisimo suggest that Nudgr boasts an average predictive accuracy of 85%. 

The Nudgr services promises to automatically increase your conversion rate and works by inviting clients to install two pieces of website script which monitor user behavior. The app then automatically triggers ‘Nudges’ when it detects a user that is likely to abandon your web page, helping retailers to salvage their sales. 

Tom New, Founder of Nudgr said, 

“Nudgr understands each website visitor, we can accurately predict if they're going to leave your site. We'll then automatically help them to become a customer.”

Formisimo specialise in analytics and have received funding through Creative England’s interest free business loans scheme and later via our equity investment programme. The team have a number of well known clients, including Secret Escapes, QVC, Uber and Toyota and have recently closed a round of funding, generating almost half a million pounds from various investors including Creative England.  

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