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Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2017: Creative England Female Directors' Showcase

Meet the Filmmakers + UK Screen Agencies Drinks Reception.

Saturday 11th November, 2017

Tickets available here.

We are proud to be back at Aesthetica with our latest Creative England Showcase. We will be celebrating representation and access, with a selection of shorts from emerging female directors. From the supernatural to Shakespearian, this is what's on offer:

Soul Song

Film Length: 25:13

On a lonely beach as dawn breaks an angel of death sits on a chair, waiting.
She is waiting for the sea to deliver her the souls of those who have died.

Frustrated with her eternal role taking departed souls to their final resting place, Death heads for the land of the living and falls in love with horrifying consequences.

A dark, twisted, supernatural story about death, love, eternity and

Written and Directed by Lucy Catherine.

Some Will Forget

Film Length: 15:00

One of the last coalmines in the UK faces closure and 30 years after the
defeat of the Miners’ strike Les struggles with its toll on his family.

Filmed and Directed by Ruth Grimberg.

Ramona and the Chair

Film Length: 11:30

An offbeat comedy drama about a young woman attempting to find meaning within herself. Ramona takes all her therapist's advice as the word of God. But instead of enlightenment, she finds herself in a trinity of confusion with an empty chair.

Written and Directed by Dominique Lecchi.

Some Sweet Oblivious Antidote

Film Length: 15:00

When a sparky eleven year old starts quoting Shakespeare all day, every day, her mother searches for a cure.

Directed by Christiana Ebohon-Green.

The 31st Floor

Film Length: 11:18

The 31st Floor is a romantic comedy about a neurotic woman afraid of
heights visiting her new boyfriend who lives in a 31st floor flat.

Directed by Tiani Ghosh.


Film Length: 16:13

A young mum runs away with her fragile son to a woodland hut community in Scotland and door steps a random boy she has recently met. When hope of acceptance in the community quickly fades, she loses control, whilst her son finds solace in a mysterious wolf.

Directed by Catriona MacInnes.

You can book your ticket for the event here.

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