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​Market Trader - The Galway Film Fleadh

Market Trader is set to launch at Galway Film Fleadh

We have re-launched our third iteration of the acclaimed Market Trader. This is a professional development programme aimed at giving emerging UK feature film producers a better understanding of international markets and international co-production.

10 producers have been selected for Market Trader. The participants will have already produced one feature and the majority have achieved international sales. The programme takes the differing needs and perspectives of participants through a 360-degree holistic approach helping producers hone their skills in pitching, negotiating and closing deals with particular focus on their current project and slate.

The programme, run with support from Creative Skillset, will be delivered through intensive residential workshops and mentoring from some top-level experts across 6 months June-December 2016 to prepare participants for engagement with international markets, along with support and attendance at Galway Film Fleadh 2016. Usually, the workshops all commence prior to the festival, however, this time, the producers are starting the programme at the festival, right in the deep end.

The Marketplace co-ordinates pre-scheduled meetings between filmmakers with projects in development and worldwide Film Financiers, Distributors, Sales Agents, Broadcasters, Film Funds and Major Producers. In addition to coproduction dinners, network breakfasts and access to the film festival.

How does this help Producers?

·       Explore skills in international co-production/co-venturing;

·       Receive up-to-date information on international film funds and tax incentives;

·       Discover new international partners and projects;

·       Improve their knowledge of international markets, how they differ, who attends what and why;

·       Access to industry. Gain a clearer perspective on the context of UK film within domestic/international markets 

·       Develop tools and strategies for successful market engagement;

·       Improve their skills, knowledge and confidence in pitching, negotiating, selling and closing deals

If you have an interest in applying for next year’s Market Trader all application queries should be directed to: Haley.Mellor@CreativeEngland.co.uk

Our application page can be found here

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