Creative England has a strong reputation as an investor, backing exciting, digital creative companies. Find our portfolio of equity investments below.

Antstream Limited 


Antstream is the World’s first retro game streaming subscription service, available now on the Android and Windows platforms. 

Antstream has a huge library of licensed and carefully curated classic games available to play on demand. 

Antstream also adds a unique twist with custom asynchronous challenges, allowing you to compete against your friends, and the global Antstream user-base.

AudioPi Limited 


Audiopi provides audio tutorials / educational podcasts which have been designed to inspire learning. Written by people in the know, from experienced teachers to exam board examiners and academics from leading universities, they follow the curriculum to ensure absolute relevance and provide all the necessary arguments. Furthermore, by using audio, a proven format to aid learning, teachers and students alike can use and listen when they wish both inside and outside the classroom, on their computer or phone.

Booking Live Limited 


Based amidst the UK’s second largest tech cluster, BookingLive is at the forefront of pioneering booking software design. Specialising in the provision of online booking systems, BookingLive work with a variety of clients, from party organisers to international activity centres.

Compleo Sport Limited


Every runner is different - your schedule, fitness level, running history and importantly your goal. Mbition takes all this into account, creating a 100% personalized plan, that gives you total flexibility. It uniquely adapts your plan each week to optimize your training and keep you on track with your goal.

Covatic Limited


Covatic empowers media companies to deliver exceptional in-app experiences by identifying when, where and how each individual can engage with content – all without needing to expose personal data. Combining the latest machine learning expertise with decades of broadcast industry experience, Covatic is meeting the challenge of building a loyal audience base in today’s fragmented media landscape.

Crowdfunder Limited


Crowdfunder is a Crowdfunding website platform which helps companies, social enterprises, charities, clubs, etc. raise financing to support their plans. Crowdfunder is the number 1 Crowdfunding Platform in the UK having raised over £40million for businesses, charities, social enterprises and individuals. Crowdfunder connects projects that matter with people who care.

Curamicus Limited 


Curamicus is preparing to launch CuraPal® - the first wearable assistive technology that auto-detects falls by the Wearer and communicates with Carers. Curamicus have more than 40 years’ combined healthcare and related technologies experience.

Cyclr Systems Limited


Cyclr is an iPaas and Cloud Integration platform company developing a product which allows businesses to drag and drop connect their cloud apps to create marketing automations and more.

Cyclr’s drag and drop ‘builder’ was developed in association with academics from the University of Brighton who lead the field in visual language design. It is a major piece of IP differentiation, allowing even complex business processes to be visualised and built quickly and easily.

Daredevil Project (Duel) Limited


Duel is an enterprise platform for incentivising and collecting amazing, authentic and brand safe content from brand and publisher's audiences, allowing them to create their own exclusive library of Customer Generated Visual Content about their brand and products.

With full automation available, everything is searchable and ready to be repurposed across all marketing channels without the need for scraping social media.

DoVu Limited 


DOV is a cryptocurrency you earn and spend by sharing and changing the way you travel. Rewarding stakeholders is transformed by blockchain technology. Whether you’re working on connected cars, public transport, or autonomous vehicles, the DOV token facilitates a new transfer of value.

Formisimo Limited


Formisimo is a software company data company that allows users to understand the analytics of their online forms and applications. Formisimo helps users understand why and where their customers aren’t converting - not just that they aren’t converting. Formisimo takes a deeper dive into uncovering issues.

Freelance Diary Limited


Freelance Diary is an online booking platform and diary services specifically targeted to freelancers to help advertise their services and to manage their commitments. The best freelancers rarely search job sites and are often hard-to-reach; FreelanceDiary has been designed to make hiring and managing freelancers faster, and is completely free.

Bond Smart (Registered name Good Company Wealth Limited)


One of the world's first co-ownership bond platforms. Ground-breaking technology for investors and advisers. Income from big brands and governments from around the world.By investing with others, you get access to the inaccessible - corporate bonds from big companies. Get an income from many well-known brands - Tesco, Ladbrokes, Virgin Media & many others.

Haandle Limited


Haandle is a little white box that plugs into your home router to restrict any device's access to the internet with time-based rules. It's primarily aimed at parents who want to manage their children's access to the internet. Internet access can be managed on any device on the network, including phones, tablets, laptops, PCs and games consoles.

HiveWire Limited


HiveWire is a novel social care staffing platform which helps providers reduce excessive agency staffing costs. HiveWire is a secure instant messaging platform that allows doctors, nurses, community physios and all other professionals involved in a patient journey to communicate effectively. By removing communication barriers within health and social care, they improve information flow.

Landmrk Limited 


Landmrk brings maps to life on the mobile web by using content to incentives users to move. Landmrk is a location-based experiences platform powering branded, global campaigns for companies including Sony Music, Showtime Networks and CeX.

The Landmrk platform allows brands to create bespoke campaigns that place digital content into physical locations, anywhere in the world.

Locomizer Limited


Locomizer’s customers use Locomizer tech like a ‘magnifying glass’ to help them to identify precise locations, so that they deliver their message to the right people at the right time. Locomizer Ltd is an award-winning global leader in the application of biological science and spatial analytics to help classify multiple different types of human behaviour.  Backed by more than 10 years of leading scientific research, Locomizer has invented a new way of connecting the emerging parallel digital world to physical real-world environments.

MakerClub Limited 


MakerClub helps children discover a passion for invention. 

They are designing 21st-century learning tools that encourage creativity, resilience, and problem-solving skills with a suite of hardware, online personalised learning and a network of real-world design and technology communities.

Personalyze Limited 


Personalyze is an award-winning, AI-driven people analytics company that has created the world’s most powerful profiling technology on individuals across social and digital, enabling us to understand people better than anyone else.

Quvium Limited


Quvium is a technology and data company specialising in smart management of respiratory disease by listening to, interpreting and analysing cough. Quvium empower patients to engage with their cough profile symptoms which helps clinicians and carers improve the control of chronic respiratory diseases

Simpleweb Limited


Simpleweb is small, focused team delivering digital products to start-ups, early stage businesses, and organisations that want quality and innovation, with a personal service. Simpleweb get equity stakes in the SME’s for their services, space and investment.

Seenit Digital Limited


Seenit Digital is an award winning video platform which enables organisations and brands to create engaging, multiperspective videos with their communities. Seenit collates user generated content from their Capture 2.0 mobile app to produce high-quality holistic video through the perspective of their audience.

Thanksbox Limited


Thanksbox helps organisations work better together with their unique employee recognition Saas tools. 

The need to increase performance, attract new talent and retain great people, has never been more fundamental to business success. Thanksbox use technology to empower businesses to take control of their culture and engage their people like never before.

Twine Limited


Twine is a creative network that connects companies with talented freelancers who produce quality work. Whether it's an explainer video, a logo, or custom illustrations, you can find the perfect freelancer for your project on Twine.

Twine's platform curates the best quality creative freelancers to grow your business, saving time and money whilst ensuring quality results on your projects.

Unrival Limited


Unrival is an innovative, data-driven insight company changing the way relationships start in B2B.

Unrival develop contextual decision maker and influencer account maps of your most valuable clients and prospects.

V9 Group Limited


A group of technology and payment experts. We're problem solvers. We identify markets with issues and using our thinking and experience…we challenge, innovate and disrupt them. Two sectors we've been focusing on are retail and payments. And we have developed products that are not only disrupting these sectors... they’re revolutionising them.

Perfected3D (registered name Whispering Gibbon Limited)


Revolutionising the way 3D printing works, making it accessible, affordable and efficient. Cloud service automatically optimises data for 3D print and is ready to change the way you work. Perfected3D want to be known for developing technology that solves the problems preventing mass market adoption of 3D printing.

Wriggle Limited


Wriggle is on a mission to help you discover the best local food & drink. Since launching in Bristol in 2014 Wriggle has introduced nearly one hundred thousand people to hundreds of amazing independent restaurants, cafes and bars.