Creative England’s iFeatures is a low budget filmmaking initiative which ends with 3 feature films being greenlit for production. iFeatures is funded in partnership with the BFI and BBC. The initiative is aimed at creative talent that has some professional experience and whose work has already garnered positive industry and/ or public attention. Applicants should be able to evidence a successful track record in shorts, television/online drama, theatre, commercials, music promos, documentary, Artist Film & Video and/or other related media.

Focused originally on Bristol, the micro-budget filmmaking initiative which began life in 2009 has widened its net to a search for stories that reflect the English regions.

Even though the scope is now broader, iFeatures holds firm to its founding principles and is still hungry for low budget films that can capture a sense of place, and even time. Looking for England's most imaginative and compelling stories from its brightest filmmakers, the initiative looks to champion films which show the way we live today, with tales that will challenge, move and entertain audiences across the world.

For more information on the programme and previous iFeatures projects, see below or visit the iFeatures website. Follow iFeatures on Twitter and Facebook.

Round 4

The latest 3 teams and projects greenlit for production, from iFeatures 4 include: Perfect 10, Retreat and Make Up. More information on these projects can be seen below.

Perfect 10

A teenage gymnast finds an escape from her insecurities when her long-lost brother introduces her to an exciting world of scooter crime. A drama delivered by Eva Riley (writer/director) and Jacob Thomas (producer).


When deaf student Graces abandons the hearing world to live in an all-deaf commune, she is forced to question the morality of the life she has chosen - is this the utopia she’s always dreamed of, or a nightmare waiting to happen?

Brought to you by Ted Evans (writer/director), Alex Usborne
(Producer) & Michelle Eastwood (Producer).

Make Up

Set amongst hundreds of identical mobile homes, Make Up is a
psychological thriller about a young woman who is forced to question her sexuality when she is stalked by another woman. Developed by Claire Oakley (writer/director) & Emily Morgan (producer).

Round 3

The third round of iFeatures resulted in: Lady Macbeth, Apostasy and The Levelling being chosen for the production slate for 2015. Both Lady Macbeth and The Levelling premiered at Toronto International Film Festival. Apostasy will have its premier there in September 2017.

Lady Macbeth

Lady Macbeth is a thrilling 19th Century tragedy. Trapped in a loveless marriage of convenience, a young woman fights to protect a fierce and irrepressible new passion.

  • Lady Macbeth had its world premiere at Toronto International Film Festival in September 2016, screening in the Platform competition.
  • With its European premiere at San Sabastian Film Festival in September 2016, screening in the official selection competition. It picked up the Fipresci Film Critics Award at the festival.
  • The UK premiere was at the London Film Festival in October 2016, screening in the 1st feature competition.


A faithful Jehovah's Witness is forced to shun her own sister because of a religious transgression. As the separation draws out, she starts to question the meaning of God's love.

Apostasy is due to shoot in 2016. You can find out more about the project on their Facebook page. (

Written & directed by Dan Kokotajlo, written by Charlotte Wise, produced by Marcie MacLellan, produced by Andrea Cornwell,

The Levelling

When a young Somerset farmer shoots himself his sister

Clover sets out to understand what may have driven him to this, and in doing so is forced to confront her own role in the tragedy.

  • The Levelling had it’s World Premiere at Toronto International Film Festival 2016 as part of the festival's Discovery section.
  • With the UK premiere held at the London Film Festival in October 2016, screening in the 1st feature competition.

Round 2

Round 2 of iFeatures saw: The Goob, Norfolk and Spaceship reaching the production slate. With all 3 films premiering and screening at various festivals, including: Venice Days Festival, Rotterdam Film Festival and SXSW.

The Goob

Goob Taylor has spent each of his sixteen summers helping Mum run the transport cafe and harvest the surrounding pumpkin fields. When Mum shacks up with swarthy stock-car driving supremo and ladies’ man Gene Womack, Goob becomes an unwelcome side thought.

  • The Goob had it's World Premiere at Venice Days Festival in August 2014, with its UK premiere at the 1st Feature Competition at The BFI London Film Festival in October 2014. 
  • Guy Myhill was nominated for Best British Newcomer at The BFI London Film Festival. The film won the top prize, the Golden Hitchcock, at Dinard Film Festival in October.
  • The film also gained many other awards and premiers across the globe.
  • The Goob is Written and Directed by Guy Myhill and Produced by Lee Groombridge and Mike Elliott.


As a man's unspeakable past starts to catch up with him, two very different worlds collide and he is finally forced to confront what is right and what is wrong, to protect his family's future.

  • Had its World Premiere at Rotterdam Film Festival in January 2015 in the Hivos Tiger Awards Competition and was selected as Dazed Magazines best of the fest.
  • In Competition at Edinburgh Film Festival 2015 in the Michael Powell Awards strand - UK Premiere.
  • In Competition at the East End Film Festival - Best Film Competition.
  • In Cinemobile Competition at Galway Film Festival - Irish Premiere.
  • Norfolk is Written and Directed by Martin Radich and Produced by Finlay Pretsell and Rachel Dargavel.


When his daughter goes missing in what seems like an alien abduction, a father is forced to search for her in a strange world of alienated teenagers. There he discovers he must face himself and his past before he can uncover the truth.

  • The film will have its World Premiere at SXSW 2016 in the 'Visions' competition strand.
  • Had its world premiere at SXSW in March 2016.
  • Screening in the Dare section of the London Film Festival in October 2016.

Spaceship is Written and Directed by Alex Taylor and Produced by Nicola Bowen & Olivier Kaempfer.

Round 1

Flying Blind, 8 Minutes Idle and In The Dark Half were the 3 films selected for the production slate in iFeatures first round. More information on these films can be seen below.

Flying Blind

A Passionate Post 9/11 love story: An older woman with a young Muslim man, in a world where security is paramount and nothing is quite what it seems.

  • Flying Blind had its world premier at Edinburgh International Film Festival 2012, screening in the prestigious Michael Powell Awards competition.
  • Other festivals screenings include: Palm Springs, Bath, Cambridge, Koszalin, Camerimage, Cottbus, New Horizons, Gdynia, Cineast, Polish Film Festival of America, Mostly British San Francisco. 
  • Awards:  Best Film at Bath Film Festival 2012; Best Film, Best Director and Critics Award at Koszalin Debut Film Festival.

Flying Bird is directed by Kasia Klimkiewics, produced by Alison Sterling and written by Naomi Wallace, Bruce McLeod and Caroline Harrington

8 Minutes Idle

As Dan’s work/life balance spirals dangerously out of control, he’s forced to break out of old habits and to dare to do something he has never had to do before – care about someone other than himself.

8 Minutes Idle is directed by Mark Simon Hewis and produced by Sarah Cox.

In the Dark Half

A compelling ghost story about love, grief and redemption.
The dark half of the year approaches, bad things are happening to Marie. It might be her fault or it might be related to the strange forces that seem to emanate from the ancient hill overlooking the estate where she lives.

The original screenplay was written by Lucy Catherine and Margaret Matheson produced.

For more information on the programme and previous iFeatures projects, see below or visit the iFeatures website. Follow iFeatures on Twitter and Facebook.