We are celebrating the Nexus between creativity and technology at CELive. The Nexus Zone is an innovations expo across film, games, tech and digital. Explore sight through sound with Notes on Blindness: Into the Darkness, investigate a crime scene in VR with Evidential & Hammerhead VR are bringing their brand new IP, Syren, to CELive for all attendees 

Archer’s Mark - @ArchersMark

Founded by directing partners Mike Brett and Steve Jamison, Archer’s Mark is a multi-award-winning cross-discipline production company, which was named in Creative England’s CE50 2016 list of the top creative companies in the country.

The company's commercial arm has created branded and interactive content for premium brands including Nike, Samsung, Expedia and NBC Universal. 

The feature film department won the BIFA for Best Documentary with debut feature film NEXT GOAL WINS, before replicating that achievement with our most recent film NOTES ON BLINDNESS, which also picked up three 2017 BAFTA nominations.

NOTES ON BLINDNESS premiered at Sundance 2016 alongside its companion Virtual Reality experience NOTES ON BLINDNESS: INTO DARKNESS which received universal critical acclaim, before winning the Tribeca Storyscapes award and recently being nominated for the prestigious SXSW Interactive Innovation Award.

Coatsink - @Coatsink

Coatsink is a passionate development team working on games for Virtual Reality platforms, PC, console and mobile. The company has seen rapid expansion from 14 to 42 employees over the past 2 years due to various successes. Based in the North East of England, Coatsink are currently working on some new and exciting original projects for VR platforms, and PC/console as well as continuing their work on titles Shu, Esper and (as development partner on) Boneloaf's Gang Beasts.

Evidential - @Evidential_EPE

Evidential is fast becoming the leading authority in Electronic Presentation of Evidence across Europe. Proven to make millions of pounds in saving to the judicial system, the work of Evidential is regularly used on some of the most high profile cases both in the UK and Internationally.

With a fantastic track record of providing innovative solutions to legal problems, Evidential is an essential resource when communicating complex material in court. Evidential’s team is a unique combination of former Police staff, expert witnesses, cutting edge designers and software developers providing tailored solutions which benefit from years of experience in criminal justice.

Evil Twin Artworks - @ievilgames

Evil Twin Artworks create multi platform games and have created mobile apps such as River Cottage Get Foraging for Channel 4, as well as being the creative team behind the TIGA Award winning PC games Victory at Sea and Man O’ War: Corsair

Gelato Visual Effects - @GelatoVFX

Gelato Visual Effects is an independent, boutique visual effects studio, based in Manchester's Northern Quarter.

We offer Photoreal CGI, Stylised CGI and Live Action Integration. As well as offering in house services of 3D Scanning and Performance Capture.

We're passionate about creating unique and stunning visual effects for film and broadcast. We deliver high quality images from HD all the way to 4K for international broadcast and beyond.

Hammerhead VR - @HammerheadVR

Hammerhead VR is Virtual Reality & Immersive Entertainment studio, and one of the very first pure-play VR studios. We have a reputation for creating world-class cinematic quality VR experiences and have grown rapidly, producing award-winning and industry defining VR experiences including Jaguar 'Feel Wimbledon' and 'ABE VR' - the first VR experience to be officially certified by the British Board of Film Classification.


Kaido Group Ltd is a pioneering digital health company in Birmingham. Our Artificially Intelligent Insights Platform, created with partners at Microsoft, takes advantage of the huge opportunity data and technology is providing to revolutionise healthcare. We combine data analytics with professional health expertise to deliver health insights to businesses, clinicians and patients. The aim: To create predictive, preventative and more personalised models of care, leading to increased efficiencies and massive savings for healthcare systems.

MakerClub @MakerClub

MakerClub helps turn young people into thriving inventors with the skills they need to become the next generation of engineers, designers, and creative technologists. Our UK network of afterschool and weekend communities are powered through innovative learning technology and awesome content that's built to engage and inspire ages 8 to 14.

Positively Human

Positively Human design and manufacture innovative battery-free safety lights to keep vulnerable road users visible in low light, by harnessing the power of motion to work. Our first product, the Million Mile Light, has been designed for the long run and it won't let you down. Just clip it on and go. This is planned endurance with renewable energy at its heart. We believe the future is resilient, environmentally aware and brilliantly bright. www.batteryfree.com

Semaeopus - @OffGridTheGame

Semaeopus is a small but mighty indie games studio that puts its energy into making relevant, fun and challenging games. You won't necessarily find weapons and combat  - you're more likely to use stealth and trickery as you explore in depth worlds, and meet unconventional characters along the way.

Semaeopus Ltd was founded in 2014 by Rich Metson and Pontus Schönberg.

Both came to games seeking more than just fun and creativity - they want to make games that contribute to the maturing of the medium. Semeaopus is now developing satire and stealth game, Off Grid, which is to be their first commercial release.

Sketchbook Games @LostWordsGame

Sketchbook Games and Fourth State believe in the power of games as a storytelling medium and aim to create video game experiences that move their players on a deep, emotional level. Founder Mark Backler has been working in the games industry for 10 years at companies such as EA, Lionhead and Sony on games like Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and Fable 2. The companies are currently developing Lost Words, a video game that tells the story of young Izzy and her gran, and is set between the pages of her diary and her imaginary fantasy land.

Landmrk @landmrkit

Landmrk is a platform that enables you to deliver digital content to your audience at specific physical locations. This allows brands and marketeers to claim their part of the Mixed Reality revolution.

Content can be locked to any location in the world – from Trafalgar Square to the top of Everest. When someone enters one of these locations, the content is unlocked on their mobile device. When they leave, the content becomes inaccessible again.

Supporting a range of digital content including audio, video, AR and VR, Landmrk delivers content in an exciting and relevant way and produces high levels of engagement.

Strange Thoughts @StrangeThoughtX

Strange Thoughts is an innovations company that tells brand stories using emerging technology. Founded in Bristol in 2013, with the intention of disrupting the traditional agency model, the company uses a creative process called Radical Collaboration to rapidly prototype ideas, products and campaigns for global brands. Working with a vast pool of multidisciplinary experts from around the world the company delivers strange and unusual responses to client challenges.

Recent campaigns include harvesting clouds to brew beer, mind-controlled robotics, translating pet-collars and a drone destruction derby.

The company is led by serial entrepreneur Seth Jackson and has been fuelled by investment from Creative England.

Treehouse Digital @TreeHDigital

Treehouse Digital is a production company specialising in high concept family entertainment. Founded by childhood friends, we are a 'Story Laboratory' that nurtures original ideas through each stage of production via our Writer's Room, Studio, VFX & Editorial and Sound Facilities in Bournemouth. From Web Videos to TV and Film, the driving force behind every production is awesome narrative. The Treehouse is a place of creativity and play where we strive to find solutions to any obstacle using 'old tricks with new tools’. We are passionate about telling stories across all platforms and in any format.


Truck is a near-future dystopian thriller set entirely in the back of a truck, as a group of refugees try to escape an unspoken disaster that has hit London. A 20 minute pilot was commissioned by Creative England in 2015 and produced by Endor Productions. The challenge was to find a production style that would allow a fluid and cinematic language to be created in such a confined space. One of the technological solutions employed was the Letus Helix camera stabilization system and the Exhauss Exoskeleton, combined together allowed us more manoeuvrability than the Steadicam and Remote Head on a Crane

Twile - @TwileTweets

Twile is a timeline of your life, your family and the rest of the world.  We combine your family history, world events and your own personal milestones and photos to create a timeline that the whole family can share and contribute to. 

In 2016, Twile partnered with two of the world’s largest family history brands and are working to disrupt this $2bn industry by making it more accessible and engaging for the wider family, especially younger generations.

Barclays Eagle Labs - @eagle_labs

Barclays Eagle Labs are a community resource available for everybody. Whether you’re an inventor, an innovator or a mentor, our spaces are conducive to nurturing and growing your idea with support from Barclays and our network. From accelerating UK business to enabling collaborative innovation and digital empowerment for all, our Eagle Labs are a space to create, innovate and grow.